First West Credit Union | Running Man
Billy the Kid | New Orleans Night music video
Parkside Hotel and Spa
Origen Air | The Sentinel
BCLC | Meet the CEO
Alert First-Aid | The Recovery Position (video 6 of 17)
Vicstoria | Run For Your Life (pilot episode)
Capital Regional District | Clean Green (video 2 of 4)
Gold Hill | Grapes to Glass
CRD | Sea to Sea Regional Park
Brad Macleran | Sotheby’s Realty
abeego | Herb Wrap (video 3 of 7)
Four Seasons Resorts | Bora Bora
Abstract Developments | Village Walk (video 2 of 3)
Vancouver Opera | Old Trout Puppet Workshop
Our Place | Hope and Belonging
Totangi Properties | Creekside Glen
Oak Bay Marine Group | Cape Santa Maria Resort


Derek Ford’s extensive experience as a professional videographer makes him a reliable option for your commercial or private video project. He has produced a wide range of videos highlighting tourism, promotion, education, personal occasions, music videos and more.

Derek’s large portfolio of commercial videography projects speaks for itself. His versatility enables him to capture your message in an intentional manner that’s in line with the audience and culture that you’re wanting to reach. By paying attention to modern trends along with applying creative techniques, the final product will leave you feeling proud of how your message is being conveyed.

Video is an excellent means for compelling viewers to feel like they’re really getting to know your business or organization. Derek understands what it takes to bring your audience to a place where they can connect with you in a meaningful way, regardless of the industry or purpose behind your production. He is committed to showcasing your project in a way that will appeal to your market or audience.

Contact Derek to start getting your message in motion today.