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Derek Ford is an experienced and talented still photographer based in Victoria BC. He works with people all over the world, producing high-quality imagery for commercial and private clients alike. His style of photography is defined by its elegance and attention to detail. The high-end equipment and sophisticated methods that are used, lead to stunning imagery that conveys the unique characteristics of each client’s message.

Over time, Derek has become known for his keen eye for detail while pushing the creative boundaries to tap into modern techniques and styles of still photography. He is committed to helping you stand out from the crowd with his work. A range of creative techniques are used to capture a story that engages the viewer and leaves a lasting impression with them.

Derek’s portfolio of professional still photography highlights his ability to capture the essence of brands, businesses, and individuals alike. Images of this caliber are more likely to be noticed and shared on social media leading to more opportunities for your business. The wide variety of businesses that he has worked with proudly represent themselves by showcasing his photography throughout their branding.

Derek is a professional and reliable choice when it comes to still photography, whether you’re in the market for advertising, commercial, or private studio purposes. His work truly reflects the essence of how you want to present yourself visually.

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