Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, social distancing has been recommended as the best way to stop the spread and stay safe. With social distancing, it can be easy to feel lonely and isolated from those close to us. That’s why it is important to stay connected while also staying safe. This can be done using the communication tools and resources we have today like video calls and text messages.

New Orleans Night

Derek Ford Studios teamed up with Billy the Kid and the very talented Michael Tension to create a music video. This video envisioned social isolation and distancing due to catastrophic circumstances. 

The music video for the song ‘New Orleans Night’ is set in a post apocalyptic world. Water is scarce and people have taken to the underground, hoping for a future in a world unlike anything we could have imagined.

New Orleans Night – Billy the Kid

Michael Tension was stellar to work with on this huge creative project. The project featured collaboration on the writing of the script, casting, crew arrangements, and two days of set decoration. All of the crew at Michael’s company, Tension Creative was fantastic to work with. Tension Creative, a freelance company in Victoria, work on various projects in various mediums. They contributed to the final product greatly, allowing us to provide the client with the perfect end result.

What’s Next?

With respect to the current situation, we are ready to emerge when the world is ready to start again! In the meantime, we continue to practice social distancing and work on a number of projects we had yet to finish before we began self-isolating.

At this time, we encourage our fellow creatives to stay positive and productive. Continue to work on projects you have started prior to the self quarantine and take this time to reflect on where you want to see your business heading in the future.

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