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The images used for this blog post are from my work with the Canadian Cancer Society. Our experience capturing images and video for the Canadian Cancer Society Run for the Cure 2023 in Victoria, BC was nothing short of inspiring and incredibly rewarding. The event was a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of collective action. From the dedicated organizing committee to the selfless volunteers, passionate ambassadors, and enthusiastic participants, we were privileged to witness a community coming together with a common goal: raising awareness and funds for a cause that affects countless lives. It was heartwarming to see the energy and dedication of everyone involved, and we’re proud to have played a part in documenting this remarkable day.



Unparalleled Understanding

Hilary Scott, a seasoned marketer who has partnered with us on numerous visual storytelling projects, enthusiastically shares her perspective: “Derek possesses an unparalleled understanding of branding and the intricacies involved in building, refining, growing, or redefining a brand. As a marketer, I wholeheartedly endorse Derek Ford Studios to anyone seeking a genuine professional to bolster their corporate brand, personal brand, team, or content strategy.”

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Meticulously Orchestrated

Jeffrey Jacobson, who entrusted us to encapsulate the vibrancy and essence of his Portfolio Management business through visual storytelling, offers his testimonial: “Working with Derek to visually encapsulate the energy and ambiance of my Portfolio Management business was an effortless experience. He meticulously orchestrated every aspect of the process, from scouting and securing the ideal location to offering wardrobe recommendations for myself and my team. Derek swiftly directed poses and skillfully captured high-quality shots without consuming excessive time.”

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Exemplary Professional

Lois Harder, seeking a photograph that authentically reflected her character as well as her appearance, shares her satisfaction: “Derek is an exemplary professional who crafts exquisite photographs. He ensured that I was thoroughly prepared for the session, instilled a sense of ease throughout, and maintained prompt and helpful communication from inception to conclusion. If you desire a photograph that resonates with your character as profoundly as it does with your appearance, Derek delivers.”

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