Event photography & videography

5 things to consider when hiring a professional to capture your event

Just like other commercial photography and videography projects, event coverage requires proficiency and experience.

1. Goals
What will you be using the photos/ video for? Are they for connecting with guests after the event? Or for sharing on social media or for marketing materials? This will affect the professional’s focus, workflow and deliverables.

2. Equipment
What type of equipment is required to record and capture the event? This might be dictated by the size and location of the event. Ensure the professional you hire has all of the equipment needed in advance.

3. Portfolio
View relevant projects of similar events. See if the quality and style is what you are looking for. Check with references from similar events to get a sense of what the professional is like to work with.

4. Insurance
Make sure the professional you hire is insured. If something happens to them or their equipment while they are at your event you don’t want to be held liable.

5. Expectations
Make it clear what you expect for deliverables. It’s a good idea to create a shot list- especially if you require specific images and clips.

Creating a shot list

Here’s an example of the things you might want to capture at your event:

  • Event setup/ behind-the-scenes
  • Registration line-up
  • Location/ Venue elements (outdoor/indoor)
  • Sponsor shots: engaging with event attendees
  • People interacting with trade show/ vendor booths
  • People sampling food/ drinks
  • People having good time with each other
  • Wide angle shots that show size/scope of event/crowd
  • Group shots: random, team members
  • Keynote speakers
  • Winners of prizes
  • Event signage, programs, collateral
  • Photos of people taking photos/ engaging on social media

“We have been working with Derek for a few years now on a variety of projects for three of our companies; bWEST Interactive, Social Media Camp and most recently SOHO Victoria. We just received the latest video work from the SOHO conference and are just giddy at how great it turned out. We published the work to our site yesterday and are already getting compliments on it. Derek and his team are so good at what they do. From lighting to finding just the right angles, catching the perfect moments and making it all flow smoothly to tell the story we want told. And if that wasn’t enough Derek is the nicest guy you could possibly work with. Always full of energy and smiles. If you want to tell a story through photo or video I highly recommend Derek Ford.”

-Chris Burdge, Owner, bWEST Interactive & Founder, SOHO Victoria

Interested in hiring a photographer or videographer? Connect with us to discuss your event needs! Contact Derek at 250-508-3762 | derek@derekford.com