Beautiful destination photography, for stunning coastal resorts.

We were privileged to create destination photography for Oak Bay Marine Group for use in magazines, marketing materials, and online advertising. Oak Bay Marine Group creates award-winning experiences for guests from all over the world; destinations Painters Lodge and April Point are well sought after. Taken over five days we worked with models to capture the ambience of these local landmarks! We travelled on the land, and the sea to create stunning destination photography that captured the properties essence.


“3 resorts, 6 days, 821 km and a shot list about 3 pages long, it sounded like a recipe for disaster. Thankfully we hired Derek and his team for the job. Whether it was creative direction or invoicing, Derek handled every step of this project with professionalism, enthusiasm, and diligence. Working alongside Derek for a week, averaging 14 hour days, he was able to bring fresh energy to each day and treat each shoot as though it was most important. Derek offered great creative advice as it related to the goals of the project and would spend extra time scouting out the very best location. Derek’s easy going personality made it easy to work effectively with staff, guests, and models. Derek is the reason we successfully completed this project, and have all the wonderful photos to prove it!” – Maya Mallory

We covered all amenities on both properties, dining rooms, guest rooms, restaurants, event facilities, pool, and grounds. In addition, we captured the water activities like the rapids tour, fishing from guided boats and the world famous tyee pool rowboats. These photos captured the true beauty of these properties, with beautiful ocean views on the backdrop of magnificent coastal mountains, these resorts create an unforgettable experience for guests. These images were able to showcase their excellence in hospitality and bring you into the heart of British Columbia’s adventure playgrounds. 

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