Editorial photography refers to photography that tells a story or communicates a concept or idea. It is the art of illustrating a narrative. This can be by using photographs to accompany words or simply a collection of photographs evoking a feeling in the viewer. 

What is the point of editorial photography and who needs it? Editorial photography is typically used in articles, magazines or newspapers for statement pieces, narratives or stories. They are used to bring forth emotions in readers and breathe life and further imagery into the stories they accompany. 

Editorial photographs require much more than just placing support images to written words. It is important to understand that these photographs are not used in a promotional sense. This means the photographer is not trying to sell a product to viewers. These photographs are meant to evoke feelings and add to the story being told. Therefore, it is important to take in consideration your atmosphere, lighting, composition, and other photography elements and principles of design. 

When shooting editorial photographs, careful planning, versatility, resourcefulness and connection are integral. This style of shooting also allows for a great amount of creative freedom and expressionism, making it a favourite of many photographers. 

Hotelier Magazine

 Derek recently exemplified these cornerstones of the style in capturing individuals who are leaders in the hotel industry for Hotelier Magazine. 

While shooting for Hotelier Magazine, the main focus was to support the story of these leaders in the restaurant world. This required Derek Ford Studios to capture their personal, friendly, and approachable styles. It was also important to capture the good humour and hardworking spirits of those involved. Little creative direction was given for this project. All logistics, from picking the locations to posing the subjects, was done by Derek Ford Studios. 

Editorial photography is a great way to represent a person, place or thing. Portraits done in this style can make the subject more familiar to the viewer and hopefully reveal something more personal about their character. What you want to reveal is determined by the story you want to tell.

Using editorial photography for your article, magazine, or newspaper feature is essential. Are you interested in having editorial photographs taken for your business?

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