Editorial photography is a broad category used to describe images that support the written word. This type of photography covers a wide range of differing styles and genres. Primarily found in newspapers, magazines and textbooks, editorial differs from advertising in that the goal is to illustrate a story rather than sell a product.

Before the shoot

A surprising amount of work goes into the pre-production of an editorial shoot. Creative brief development, location scouting, model selection, makeup and stylist team recruitment, obtaining permits and travel arrangements are all elements that the photographer takes care of before the shoot even takes place.

Directing the shoot

As an art director or shoot coordinator, your relationship with your photographer is vital to the outcome of an editorial project. Communication is very important to ensure you receive the well-executed images you need. Be clear in your instructions, it can be easy to be misunderstood. Convey for your vision with visual references like a sketch, mood board or inspiration images and collaborate on creative brief development. Once you’ve established your artistic vision, trust your experienced photographer to execute the shoot and deliver the images quickly.


Each type of photography requires a different set of skills and a varied approach, and editorial photography is no exception. 

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