Picture this:

You’ve just finished up an incredible editorial interview about yourself and your business’ success. Post-interview, the team asks you for some portraits of yourself to include in the publication. You begin to panic, realizing the last time you had your photo taken was at Uncle Bob’s Birthday Bash of 2019.

We’re mostly kidding, but also there’s a grain of truth here. Between your business’s website, social media channels, editorial publications, and more, it’s important to have images that support your business. When it comes to editorial publications, editorial portraits are the way to go.

What is Editorial Photography?

“It’s about capturing those in-between moments. I make sure that I’m not only focusing on whoever’s in front of my camera but on capturing what’s around them.” – Allie Hine, Adobe

Something our team loves about editorial portraits is the space they offer to get creative. Editorial portraits offer a greater opportunity to highlight deeper into the subject. For example, traditional headshots are aimed at capturing above the shoulders, focusing on the subject’s face. Editorial portraits are aimed at showcasing a subject as a whole in their environment.

Setting the Mood for Editorial Publications

We work with clients to choose a location or develop a creative concept that showcases the subject. When it comes to editorial publications, sometimes a moodier, soft-focus approach is the way to go. Editorial photography is a great way to represent a person, place, or thing. Portraits done this way can make the image more familiar to the viewer. In addition, it reveals something more personal about their character.

In conclusion, using editorial photography for your article, magazine, or newspaper feature is essential. Are you interested in having editorial portraits taken for your business?

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