With summer coming to an end and autumn rolling in just around the corner, it’s a great time to reflect on images from the past year.

Our team has been busy this year working with clients to bring their creative visions to light. This year we have worked with a diverse group of clients such as Oak Bay Marine Group, Tourism Victoria and Bambora , to name a few! Being able to work with these clients grows our skill set and offers the opportunity to experience a variety of projects. Connecting with clients, being able to showcase their brand and deliver stunning images is what we love to do. With so many new projects comes new images and we are so excited to share our updated portfolio with you.

Check out these highlights of our 2018 work.






Why does your business need professional photography? Your images are where your clients get their first look and feel of your brand. Put your best foot forward with visually stunning, consistent images that distinguish your business from others. Being able to showcase your products and services in a unique way gives you a competitive edge and shows clients who you are and what you’re capable of! Clients feel connected to brands they can trust, professional photography helps clients see the people behind the business.

“We are extremely pleased with the pictures we got from the photo shoot. Derek was very receptive to our needs and input, and created a series of photos we are proud of showing around. Many of those photos have made it on our website and our collaterals.”

– Marie Anik Paradis, Senior Web & Graphic Designer, Bambora

Photography is a great way to connect with clients, but having stunning videos on your website and social media is an even more impactful way to thoroughly and concisely represent your brand and connect with clients.

View our demo reel get a feel for some of our recent videography work.

Do you have an upcoming project you want to collaborate on? Connect with us to discuss your project needs!

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