When I think of photography for advertising a financial institution I imagine a teller smiling while standing at the counter, a modern reception area for waiting visitors, and most frequently a big grey safe in the back room where all the big piles of money are kept.

This was simply not the case for First West Credit Union’s most recent advertising campaign for its Island Savings region, aptly named “Break free from fees.” The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness to the region’s new Simply Free Account™, and ultimately attract new personal banking clients. Developed in collaboration between the team at Eclipse Creative and First West/Island Savings’ marketing team, the campaign is nothing short of whimsical, with fun and light eye catching visuals of young people “breaking free” in context of Vancouver Island surroundings.

“When we decided on the concept, I knew it would be fun”, said Bronwyn Dunbar, First West/Island Savings Senior Manager Marketing. “I had no idea the tremendous amount of athletic talent it would take to make it come to life though. Derek found amazingly talented models to literally jump over fences and climb walls. I watched in wonder as Derek worked at lightening speed to get the shots. And the end product is not only compelling, it’s an island story that no other company could tell!”

“The Island Savings brand is one unlike any other. With a long established connection to the Islands and its inhabitants, Island Savings has established a unique image and voice”, said Jason Dauphinee, Creative Director at Eclipse. “Working with Derek and Bronwyn has really brought the Island Savings brand to life and established its place as an industry and community leader.”

I am grateful for creative commercial advertising assignments like this for the opportunity they provide to break the creative mold. The campaign is currently running on a variety of digital and traditional mediums and can be seen around Vancouver Island.