If you have been thinking about using lifestyle images to tell your story now is the time!

Lifestyle images aim to capture people in real-life events in an artistic manner and to create a snapshot of the art of the everyday. The primary goal of lifestyle photography and video is to tell stories and to inspire people in different times. The use of lifestyle images by businesses helps companies express their unique qualities and connect with people who share their same values and enjoy using their products or services.

Derek and his team work with clients like Gold Hill Winery, Sage Hills Winery, Empress Hotel Victoria and Oak Bay Marine Group to produce lifestyle images to share their company stories throughout the years.

5 Tips for Telling your Story with Lifestyle Images

1. Make them count.  Have a clear vision of who you are, what you do and who your customer is. Most importantly, make sure your images express this through a consistent look, tone and messaging.


 2. Capture special events. Events can be a great way to capture photographs and video of people enjoying your customer experience. Guests fill the space, add interest to the background and are great to photograph. Annual events are great because you can use them to advertise the same event next year.

3. Think seasonally. You will need images for the summer or holiday season next year, capture them this year so you are ready with content. Give clients a reminder to support you year round.

4. Use models where possible. Whether free or casting for paid models, spend the time to get a clear direction of who you’re trying to reach and cast accordingly. Having people participate as models in your photo or video shoot goes a long way to getting great images.

5. Use professional hair, makeup and styling. Have someone on set to look after hair and makeup, styling helps keep the models and the environment on point. Our trusted team work together seamlessly to provide these services on set and on location.

Still not convinced? Check out this post on why your business needs professional photography.

As well as photography our team creates stunning videos for clients to showcase their brand. Abeego reached out to us to create videos and lifestyle images for their brand. Through this video, Abeego was able to showcase the simplicity of their fantastic beeswax food wraps. In addition to showcasing their wraps, through these videos and images Abeego is able to showcase their brand concisely over many platforms.

Along with Abeego, we worked with many other companies to provide stunning professional videos. Check out our 2018 highlight reel to see some of the amazing projects we worked on this year.

Are you interested in having professional photos or video taken of your business? Connect with us to discuss your project needs!

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