Are you looking to start your next project? If you are looking to hire a professional photographer, then there are details to consider before a shoot. Important things such as a shot list, locations, lighting, and props, to name a few. However, another crucial aspect to consider is: are you using your photos for digital content or a media campaign? In other words, what are you hoping to do with your photos? What you decide will affect the planning of your project. And when you work with us, we can guide you or handle all aspects of the project for you, ie. shot list, locations, styling, hair and makeup, casting, etc.

Content Creation

If you are planning to use the photos for social media or a website, then you are likely looking at creating a content bank. This consists of many images, the subjects in the photos do not have to be in full hair and makeup, and the background is often not retouched. The goal is to create a large number of images with different styles, poses, and angles for use alongside written content on social media, websites, and more. For example, Derek spent time shooting for Parks and Recreation in Victoria. Derek covered multiple activities in these sessions offering a variety of images for use as digital content.

In addition to Derek’s Parks and Recreation session with the City of Victoria above, here is another example of images captured for digital content. The client is the Capital Regional District, and the project was a landfill gas monitoring project. These images offered multiple options for CRD to use alongside their online content.

Media Campaign

Does your next photography project include professional portraits? Are the images being advertised? Then you might be looking to capture images for a media campaign. Contrary to content creation, a media campaign includes only a few images, and are images that will often live on beyond initial use. Below are examples of photos used for an editorial campaign. These were taken by Derek for a PR media and editorial story for Jennie Christensen, the CEO of THEÍO VITALITY and TrichAnalytics.

In conclusion, it’s important to consider what your images will be used for before planning your next photography project. If you’re looking to capture images for content creation purposes, then consider taking several images in different locations. Doing this will allow you to create a content bank. If your photography project is for a media campaign, then plan to take only a few images that are more polished looking. 

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