Social media has taken a huge leap in popularity over the last decade. Because of this increase, businesses have followed suit by taking the platforms more seriously. To improve your online presence, hiring a professional photographer has become increasingly popular.

Having beautiful photos that follow your brand’s style help social media accounts look consistent, help audiences recognize you, and provide a clear understanding of your value proposition to future customers.

Social media presence has become incredibly important for businesses. If your establishment is not on a popular social media platform, you are limiting yourself. The chances of gaining new customers decreases. This is because of a large portion of audiences using social media to search for new products and services.

Empress Gin

Social media has provided new methods for sharing content and created new ways to partner with tastemakers, creatives and businesses. Derek Ford Studios was invited by Empress Gin to experience and capture the culture of the places where the brand was created. The brand received new content and social media engagement at this mutually benefiting event. Influencers who were in attendance were also gifted with a unique experience. This included a special treatment and freedom to explore the Empress Gin Distillery in Sidney and the Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria’s harbour.

Derek captured photographs of the attending influencers throughout the day. He also captured behind the scenes images for posts that could later be used on Empress Gin’s social media. These could also be used later for marketing purposes for digital or print ads. This shoot created a way that all stakeholders involved could mutually benefit from the strategic partnership.

What Can You Do?

Half of the battle of social media is having attractive and attention grabbing media. It is also highly important for brands to respond quickly to activities on their accounts. Posting timely photos and witty comments on social media can be an effective and easy way for brands to interact with their audience and receive more value from posts. When rolling out critical content, ‘readiness is the key to responsiveness’.

“That comes from having your ducks (chickens?) in a row with easily accessible, top-quality creative… in the right formats for all of your channels and the processes in place to get it all out on a dime with no ruffled feathers.”

McLaughlin, Melinda. (2019, September 21). How the Chicken Wars Showed Us Video Asset Management Is Nothing to Squawk At

Hiring a professional photographer for your social media is a great way to stay current online and build up your creative portfolio. Are you interested in having photos or video taken for your brand’s social media?

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