So you’re planning a commercial photography session and don’t know where to start? 

From location to models to product and end goal, your commercial photography project will have a lot of moving pieces which require meticulous planning and execution.

But don’t fret, you’ve come to the right place! Derek shares the ABC’s of commercial photography below.

A is for…

Annotate the project 

Take notes. Use your favourite app or notebook to take stock of what you want to do. Write it down. What do you want to use your images for? What is your project timeline? Do you need to book models and a location? Being able to define your project goals and expectations will be great to look back on and refer to when you’re planning dates, deadlines, scope and creative.

B is for…

Bring things to Light

Do your research. Who are you trying to reach with your marketing? Why is this important? Start with these and move forward with your plans from there. Other questions will come up as you define the answers to these. 

C is for…

Consider the Details

Plan your dive. The diver’s adage goes: Plan your dive and dive your plan. The same goes for photography. Plan the session. Who will be in the images? Do we need to scout the location? Location is important, make sure your images are representing your business and showcasing what you do. What is the timing for the session? Start by exploring these questions about specific details and move from there. Other questions will come up as you define the answers to these. 

Want to see some of our work using these ABC’s? Check out our 2018 portfolio.

Need photography or video for your business? We’re happy to guide you through our process. Come with ideas and let us create the connection.

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