Corporate Editorial & Portrait Photography

Derek Ford Studios frequently works on tight schedules with leadership, C-suite and executives on corporate editorial shoots. Our ability to deliver these projects comes from careful planning, location scouting and years of professional experience. It’s a rare skill to be able to connect with clients like Derek and his team do, instantly putting them at ease, and to confidently move them quickly through poses and locations on a tight schedule. This type of preparation and professionalism is what allows us to execute well on corporate editorial shoots. See for yourself in the below examples of work for the Globe and Mail, Bambora and Encore FX.

“Andrew Who?” Globe and Mail Magazine Cover

This past spring, Derek was given the opportunity to photograph Andrew Weaver, a Canadian scientist and politician representing the riding of Oak Bay-Gordon Head in the British Columbia Legislative Assembly, as well as the leader of the Green Party of British Columbia.  He quickly took Mr.Weaver through three locations to capture him on a solid background, and within a short 20 minute time frame, we were able to provide the client with options of on site images in the hallways of power. See the full article here.

Globe and Mail cover

Bambora Team and Executive

“Derek was a pleasure to have in our office. He came very well prepared on the day of the photo shoot, as he had already scoped the office to snap some tests and introduce himself to the staff. Many people at Bambora were intimidated by the idea of having their photo taken, but Derek was both friendly and professional. He took the time to talk to everyone and make them feel comfortable before shooting.”— Marie Anik Paradis, Senior Web & Graphic Designer, Bambora

“Derek and his assistant were terrific to work with. They kept our team involved as they walk around the office to shoot, engaging us and listening to our ideas. On many occasions, Derek came to show me the latest pictures he’d taken, to make sure he was going in the right direction and capturing the essence of our office. He would listen to ideas and recommendations and change the direction of the shoot as necessary.”

Encore FX Leadership

Derek captured the CEO and President of Encore FX in a series of corporate portraits to utilize for public relations and corporate editorial features.


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