With winter holding out for so long this year, it’s hard to believe that cherry blossom season is already upon us! As the year progresses Derek and his team continue to capture beautiful photos that get clients’ stories told.

We love working closely with our clients to create visually stunning, and compelling photos that brings their vision to life. The last year has been a busy and exciting time, and we’re thrilled to be able to share it with you in our new portfolio. Here’s a brief highlight of some of our favourites:


New season, new video too! We love to create captivating videos. Watch our new demo reel to get a sense of our latest work.

We hope you’ve been enjoying our posts lately, and that you’re getting the most value out of your photography studio because of what you’ve read here. Maybe you’ve even learned a thing or two, like why your business needs professional photography, and what the heck editorial photography is, or you picked up some tips from Derek on how to prep for your next portrait session. Whatever it is that keeps you reading, let us know! Leave a suggestion in the comment section below with what you’d like us to explore next on the blog.

So, do you need a fresh start this spring? Connect with us to discuss your project needs! Contact Derek at 250-508-3762 | derek@derekford.com